In these classes, you and your peers will engage in an interactive exploration of artistic source materials (poems, songs, fables) through the use of movement, music and voice work. You will learn to collaboratively build a performance piece reflecting your reality, your interests and your natural gifts. Each session ends with a performance generated from our time together, a reflection of the unique community that was built during that time. You will develop skills in speech and voice, text analysis, movement, scene-work, improvisation, staging and, most importantly, creative ensemble.

Classes range in length from 4-10 weeks, and are for all ages. For a list of current classes, visit the Upcoming Learning Opportunities page.

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Clara Silcoff

Performer, age 13

"Leah really takes her time to connect with the people/kids in her class, and she makes sure that they are always feeling happy with what they're doing. She's always energetic. One thing I will always remember from her classes are the dance offs, where she blasts music and pumps up the energy in the room by encouraging everyone to dance. Leah is a wonderful teacher and person. I am honoured to have worked with her."