Facilitation is the art of creating and managing space for engagement, dialogue and discovery, leading to new levels of self understanding and group vision.

I have worked as facilitator with a range of groups, designing and facilitating programs that will best enhance the particular goals of the organization. From missional church groups, to non-profit educational groups, to corporate team building, I connect with the leaders and participants to ensure that all stakeholders have an enriching experience.

My facilitation practice borrows from my training as a performance coach, looking not only at what the explicit goals of the gathering might be, but also at the potential for participants to grow in leadership, group communication and presentation. Through question-driven discussion as well as non-verbal collaboration, we’ll explore a range of surprising topics and modalities to open up possibilities for restorative learning.

Topics Explored

Building Community through Storytelling

Arts Literacy

Creative Community Engagement

Musicians in Leadership

Expressive Liturgy

Bodies in Space: How Spaces Impact our Experience of Belonging

Career Development for Young Women