Performance Coaching

What is Performance Coaching?

A performance coach is someone who helps another achieve an ease, confidence and consistency of performance in their field of work.

When you work with me, my background in acting becomes apparent: You will be encouraged to find your inner storyteller. Whether you are a child actor, a university professor, a professional singer or a corporate executive, the fundamentals of storytelling apply: breathe, move, surprise and connect. And in all things, be authentic. Through practical exploration of intent, narrative, breath, posture, articulation, and audience connection, we will hone your ability to present clearly, authentically, and effectively.

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Julie Kevan

actor/singer/performer/Developmental Service Worker

"In working with Leah you are completely understood. The space is safe, creative, alive, and intelligent; it is a place where your craft and most importantly your essence is nurtured. Her presence,availability, commitment, and profound wisdom and knowledge offers a wonderful sanctuary in which to grow as a performer, and as a person. She is teaching individuals to bring authenticity to their characters and their performances. This is everything an acting class should be. I have never felt so embraced, so excitedly challenged, and understood as I do being a student of Leah Cogan. Without any hesitation, I put my craft in her hands."