My Philosophy

On one level, I teach people how to use their voices and bodies for authentic and effective communication. But we also go deeper than that.

In my experience, voice and movement education and practice does much more than make us more compelling performers, teachers or public speakers. It unlocks something within us, if we let it. We become more present, vulnerable, playful and connected. We build a more holistic, compassionate and resilient self-image. This then echos within our relationships and communities in restorative ways. I have witnessed the incredible effect it has on my students and my peers, whether they’re 5 or 75. It has made me more joyful, energized and generous in my life and work.

Whether we’re exploring language, breath, gesture, intonation, emotional clarity or narrative, the practice of storytelling is a process of self-discovery that teaches us how to communicate more authentically and dynamically. It revolutionizes how we engage with the world around us. It gives us space to be more fully seen, heard and known by one another. With the right guidance and support, this process can be incredibly exciting, freeing, and even healing.

My teaching method begins with an affirmation of the gifts and abilities already present within each student. Identifying the person and their gifts, and building on what is already there, leads to the development of a more resilient and authentic performer, someone who recognizes their inherent worth and their right to take up space. From there, anything is possible.

My goal as an educator and facilitator is to create an attentive space. That’s all. Within that space, amazing things happen…